Operations Research Analysts ·  Formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other optimizing methods to develop and interpret information that assists management with decision making, policy formulation, or other managerial functions. May collect and analyze data and develop decision support software, service, or products. May develop and supply optimal time, cost, or logistics networks for program evaluation, review, or implementation.

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Occupational Tasks ·  Formulate mathematical or simulation models of problems, relating constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives, and their numerical parameters.
· Collaborate with others in the organization to ensure successful implementation of chosen problem solutions.
· Analyze information obtained from management in order to conceptualize and define operational problems.
· Perform validation and testing of models to ensure adequacy; reformulate models as necessary.
· Collaborate with senior managers and decision-makers to identify and solve a variety of problems, and to clarify management objectives.
· Define data requirements; then gather and validate information, applying judgment and statistical tests.
· Study and analyze information about alternative courses of action in order to determine which plan will offer the best outcomes.
· Prepare management reports defining and evaluating problems and recommending solutions.
· Break systems into their component parts, assign numerical values to each component, and examine the mathematical relationships between them.
· Specify manipulative or computational methods to be applied to models.
· Observe the current system in operation, and gather and analyze information about each of the parts of component problems, using a variety of sources.
· Design, conduct, and evaluate experimental operational models in cases where models cannot be developed from existing data.
· Develop and apply time and cost networks in order to plan, control, and review large projects.

Educational Requirements: ·  Master's degree

Occupational Skill Set
Skill Relevance
·  Mathematics 98%
·  Complex Problem Solving 96%
·  Critical Thinking 95%
·  Systems Analysis 88%
·  Operations Analysis 88%
·  Reading Comprehension 86%
·  Active Learning 83%
·  Active Listening 83%
·  Judgment and Decision Making 79%
·  Writing 79%