Wage Explorer

This tool displays the entry-level wages, industries, and work regions of recent Missouri graduates based on programs of study.  Continue on to explore the connections between training choices and work outcomes. Recently updated with 2016 wages!

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How to use this tool:

Click on the Wage Explorer webinar button below and you may view the webinar explaining the Wage Explorer tool and the data it provides.

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Related Reports

The Workforce Data Quality Initiative, to assist in the development of a connected education and workforce data system across state agencies, resulted in the development of the award winning Wage Explorer and detailed research into the work outcomes of particular populations within Missouri. The University of Missouri conducted in-depth analyses of work outcomes over a period of several years and developed the following reports in 2014:

Adult Training Program Work Outcome Report

Wagner-Peyser Program Work Outcome Report

Workforce Training Program Impact Report

Public Higher Education Work Outcome Report

Public School Employment of Recent Graduates Report



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