The ABC's of Missouri's Future Workforce, Part 1 OCT 2001
Economic Activity in Missouri: Synopsis of Economic Indicators APR 2001
Missouri Employment Outlook-Projections to 2008 for Industry and Occupations
Missouri Occupation Profiles

 Occupational Employment Projections

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2017-2019 Short-term


2016-2026 Long-term

Data (Excel)   Data (Excel) - New
   - Statewide      - Statewide
   - Regional (Kansas City and St. Louis)      - Central
        - Kansas City
        - Northeast
        - Northwest
        - Ozark
        - South Central
        - Southeast
        - St. Louis
        - Southwest
        - West Central

Short-term Occupation Summaries


Long-term Occupation Summaries

Top Openings - State


Occupational Highlights - New

Top Openings - St. Louis


Top Openings - State

Top Openings - Kansas City


Top Openings - St. Louis

Fastest Growing Occupations - State


Top Openings - Kansas City

Fastest Growing Occupations - St. Louis


Top Openings - Northeast

Fastest Growing Occupations - Kansas City


Top Openings - Northwest



Top Openings - Central


Top Openings - West Central


Top Openings - Ozark


Top Openings - Southwest

Top Openings - South Central


Top Openings - Southeast




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