The ABC's of Missouri's Future Workforce, Part 1 OCT 2001
Economic Activity in Missouri: Synopsis of Economic Indicators APR 2001
Missouri Employment Outlook-Projections to 2008 for Industry and Occupations
Missouri Occupation Profiles


Top Occupational Openings 2006-2008

Missouri is projected to have more than 200,000 job openings from 2006 to 2008. Job openings are classified as "Growth" or "Replacement."*  The 20 occupations with the most projected total openings in the state include four food preparation and serving occupations and three occupations that are sales-related.

Cashiers are projected to have the most openings from 2006 to 2008, though all the openings are projected to be replacements. Customer Service Representatives, on the other hand, have more openings due to growth than replacements indicating strong future demand in that occupation in the state. 

Kansas City is projected to have 43,000 openings by 2008, St. Louis 78,000. 

Total Occupational Openings, Statewide

Total Occupational Openings, Kansas City

Total Occupational Openings, St. Louis

*Job openings: There are two sources of estimated openings. The first, openings due to growth, are the numeric change in jobs expected over the projections period. A second and equally important source of openings are net replacement openings. These openings occur when workers leave the labor force or change occupations. Workers leave the labor force for many reasons including retirement, death or disability, quitting a job to stay home or go to school. Workers also leave occupations after being promoted, changing careers after completing their education or after gaining work experience.

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