What True Leaders Must Understand about Economics

Dennis Roedemeier, CEO of Missouri Research Corporation, discusses the basics of economics with Dr. Bruce Domazlicky, Director of the Center for Economic and Business Research and Professor of Economics at Southeast Missouri State University.              

Part 1
The importance of basic economics as a planning tool for mayors, legislators, business owners, governors, and school board members.  Also covered is Dr. Domazlicky’s favorite forecasting techniques and how it is relevant to the leadership effort. 

Part 2
Dr. Domazlicky’s covers a range of subjects including the governent's role in economics, the role of the entreprenuer and the credit crunch as it pertains to productivity and general economics.

Part 3
In today's financial climate, every person should have a basic understanding of economics, now more than ever. The third series, builds on information from the first two parts, introducing the multiplier effect and the location quotient.

Part 4
Part Four of this series builds on information from the first three parts, further discussing real vs. monetary value and offering lots of resources for economic information. Read on to learn about or review what leaders MUST understand about economics.



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