New Enhancements to MERIC Web Explorer Tool

The Training-to-Work tool provides students, job seekers, and educators with a better understanding of the connections between training choices and work outcomes. The tool displays the wages one can expect after recently completing a training program in Missouri and in what regions and industries the graduates work in.

MERIC has added a new enhancement that allows the comparison of wages for the cohort year graduated to wages in subsequent years.

If you choose Cohort year in the upper right corner and Wage year of 2013 directly under that. You then press the Create Training Profile in the upper right corner. You may choose from cohort years 2007 to 2011 and wage years 2011 to 2013. This allows the comparison of different cohorts to their wages after graduation.

Screen Shot

Registered Nurses with an Associate Degree made an average of $55,604 in 2013 and Registered Nurses with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing made an average of $53,641 four years after graduating in their cohort in 2009.

Screen Shot

Using the new enhancement you could also compare the cohort year of 2011 to 2013 wages made by Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services. Associate Degree graduating in 2011 made an average of $39,449 in 2013 and those with a Bachelor Degree made an average of $63,086 two years after graduating in their cohort.

Screen Shot

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