MERIC Mails 74,000
Student Career Guides

What excites 10th graders – besides electronics, fashion, saving the planet, media or sports? A career generally doesn't make the list, but it can if students are shown how to transform leisure joys into fun, rewarding, well-paying careers.

Which is the purpose of the student edition of the Missouri Career Guide.

MERIC sent this resource to over 550 schools, almost 1,200 high school counselors and all 72,661 10th graders in the state of Missouri. The effort is part of ongoing federal-state cooperative research programs designed to provide better labor market information to students.

Joy to Job
The guide lets students assess their personality traits then match those traits to an appropriate, rewarding career; get the right training and education; then attain the best possible job. Students who are most prepared for the job market have seriously thought about what they want to do long before they leave school, and have plotted a roadmap to success. Doing something you love never hurts!

The guide is divided into three sections:

Career and self-assessment. Includes psychological self-assessment and career path tools, such as the Holland Party, which isn't spring break in Amsterdam but a matching of occupation to personality.

Training and education. Includes all of Missouri's secondary education institutions, from theological and technical to four-year degree-granting programs; apprenticeship resources; GED information; financing and loan information; and educational options offered by the US military.

Getting the job.
Includes time-tested job-hunting tips such as how to compose a wow-'em resume, write a cover letter that works, fill out an application, effectively network and interview; and lists Missouri Workforce Development Career Centers and Vocational Rehabilitation Centers.

MERIC also distributed statewide and regional brochures with the guide describing occupations with the best 10-year outlooks, in both number of job openings and salary.

The Missouri Career Guide student edition was a collaboration of staff from MERIC (with a special tip of the hat to Zurett Merridith, Neal Fandek, Betty Brown and Mike Muin), Business and Community Services, and Workforce Development, all divisions of the Department of Economic Development; and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

While reading this publication will not guarantee a student's career success, it will raise their awareness in effective career exploration and planning. But parents: they can’t do it without you. So share your job's joys!

Not enough joy in your current job? Check out the career guide for adults by clicking the image below.

Or find a Career Center near you.


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