Back to School 2007

As the end of summer draws near, the return of school bells, teachers, and textbooks is nearly here. Whether a kindergartener or a college senior, Missouri students and their parents are shopping for supplies and clothes for the upcoming school year. MERIC examines the many statistics associated with back-to-school shopping, school enrollment, graduation rates, and college costs in Missouri.

Back-to-school shopping 

Number of Clothing Stores in Missouri. Among these there were 429 Family Clothing Stores and 124 Children's and Infants' Clothing Stores. Other businesses where Missourians go for back to school shopping by number of establishments in the state are Shoe Stores (524), Sporting Goods Stores (435), Bookstores (217), Department Stores (207), and Office Supply and Stationary Stores (181).

$2.45 billion 
The amount in sales in Missouri for Clothing and Clothing Accessory Stores. Sporting Goods, Hobby, Book & Music Stores totaled $1.4 billion in sales of the $68.68 billion in all retail sales.

Enrollment and Graduation 

Total number of students enrolled in public schools in Missouri.

Student to teacher ratio in Missouri, tying the state with Iowa for 14th lowest ratio in the country and better than the national average of 15.8.

Number of high school diplomas awarded to Missouri students. The state tied for 13th with Montana for the highest averaged freshman graduation rate1 with 80.4.

Higher Education 

Number of students enrolled in public degree-granting institutions in the state. The total for all public and private student head count is 337,946.

Total number of degrees conferred by all Missouri colleges and universities. Public institutions accounted for 55 percent of the total, private 45 percent.

Average tuition and fees for Missouri resident and non-resident students to attend a four-year public institution in the state for one year. The least you could pay to attend a four-year school is $3,916 at Missouri Southern.

1Averaged freshman graduation rate (AFGR) is an estimate of the percentage of an entering freshman class graduating in 4 years.

Sources: Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2007, Missouri Department of Higher Education, National Center for Education Statistics (All figures are the most recently published)


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