November 22, 2017

Missouri Retail and Restaurant Sales
Retail trade and restaurant sales are an indicator of consumer spending that can be helpful in understanding overall economic trends. County-level analysis can also indicate which areas of the state are a draw for regional employment or tourism. Between 2013 and 2016, total employment in the retail trade and restaurants increased by 5.7% to over 541,000 workers. This represents 19.7% of total employment in the state.

Feast on MERIC’s Thanksgiving Holiday Fun Facts
The Plymouth settlers first celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621 making it a time for gathering with friends and family, giving thanks, and of course – eating! Did you know that Missouri ranks fifth in turkey production in the United States with an estimated 19.2 million birds raised last year? This is just one of the facts MERIC has put together for you to gobble up to commemorate this holiday.

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