MERIC Receives National Award

MERIC was recently honored with an award in Special Studies and Economic Analysis for: "Looking to the Future - Missouri Targeted Industry Clusters". The National Association of State Workforce Agencies presented MERIC with the prestigious 2007 Labor Market Information (LMI) Communication/Publication award at the LMI Directors' Conference held in Seattle, Washington.

The study looks at Missouri’s Targeted Industry Clusters, which are groups of businesses linked by common supply chains, labor needs, technologies, and markets. By identifying targeted industries using a common definition, a framework is created allowing multiple agencies, organizations, and policy makers to work together using unified concepts. With a consistent cluster definition, information can be provided on regional employment concentrations, staffing patterns, employers, and leading firms. Issues can then be addressed in a coordinated fashion for strengthening target industries with regards to skills, education, recruitment and incentives.

The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) recognizes excellence at its national conference each yea

Special recognition for their work on this project goes to: Tony Brite, Tom Reichert, Marty Romitti, Alan Spell, Elizabeth Retherford, Majin Saebe, Randall Clark, Daniel Onunkwor, Lois Shirk, Walter Telthorst, Laura Will and Frances Kemp.

Read: Looking to the Future – Missouri Targeted Industry Clusters
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