Multiple Job Holders
in Missouri Decline

In 2006, almost seven out of every 100 Missouri workers worked more than one job, a decline from nine out of every 100 workers back in 1996. This represents the second largest decline nationally in multiple job holders over the time span.

Multiple Job Holder Graph 1996 to 2006

The number of Missouri multiple job holders declined by 2.3 percent from 1996 to 2006.  In 2002, the average hit a low of 5.9 percent, and held steady at 6.5 percent for three years. From 2005 to 2006 the number of multiple job holders increased slightly to 6.7 percent.  

Multiple Job Holder 1996 to 2006 Graph

The largest declines nationally occurred in Indiana (-3.2%), Missouri (-2.3%), Wisconsin (-2.2%), Montana (-2.1%) and Virginia (-2.0%).  The only two states with increases were Alaska (+0.9%) and Vermont (+0.8%).

All bordering states except Nebraska declined in multiple job holding rates. Missouri also had the highest decline in multiple job holders followed by Arkansas. Nationwide there was a decline of 1.0 percent.

Multiple Job Holders for Missouri and Surrounding States

Some reasons for holding multiple jobs include: paying off debts, having an expertise in demand, saving for the future, getting experience, extra money for a special purchase, enjoyment of a second job and building up a business.

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics



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