MERIC Pays Tribute to Military and First Responders

As part of Veteran’s Day remembrances, the staff of MERIC unveiled a display in the office that honors the efforts of relatives and friends who are or have served in the military, law enforcement, firefighting, and other first responders. Included are a photo display, striking eagle picture, and U.S. flag that flew around the world on combat and reconnaissance missions.

“With recent flooding in the Midwest, including our own state, or whenever disasters strike, it brings clearly to mind the tremendous service that first responders provide to our communities. And if you, like me, have relatives and friends in the active duty armed forces making deployments to the Middle East, or wherever they may be needed across the globe, then their sacrifices and service to our country are always high on the mind,” said MERIC Director Marty Romitti at the unveiling ceremony.

MERIC Military and First ResponderTribute
Pictured is the MERIC Military and First Responder Display. The flag case (top) holds a U.S. flag that traveled around the world on a U.S. Air Force RC-135S, tail number 62-4128 during April 2008. As part of its travels, this flag flew a mission for Operation Enduring Freedom over Afghanistan on April 9, 2008, logging 12.3 hours of combat time. It also flew aboard a mission logging 8 hours of sensitive reconnaissance operations. Special thanks to Lt. Col. Barry Romitti for including our flag on his flights.


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