Cinco de Mayo and Mexican-Americans in Missouri by the Numbers

The Mexican national holiday of Cinco de Mayo involves some of the largest celebrations in Missouri. On the eve of this holiday, MERIC has unearthed such facts as: What is the median age for those of Mexican ancestry living in Missouri? Which products does Missouri export the most of to Mexico? How many businesses do Mexican-Americans own in Missouri?


Number of Missourians who report Mexico as their country of origin. The figure represents 1.9 percent of the state's total population and 72.6 percent of the Hispanic or Latino population in Missouri.

Number of Kansas City, MO residents who report Mexico as their country of origin, more than any other city in the state.

Median age of Mexican-Americans in Missouri. Over two-thirds (33.7%) of the population in the state are in the 18-34 age bracket. The median age for all Missourians is 37.4.


$1.2 Billion 
Amount Missouri exported to Mexico in 2006, ranking the country 3rd among the 191 international buyers of Missouri goods, trailing only Canada and South Korea. This marked an increase from the previous year of $84.3 million, a change of 7.31 percent.

$315.6 Million 
Amount Missouri exported to Mexico in Transportation Equipment in 2006, the highest of any industry. This was the sixth year in a row Transportation Equipment was the highest trade industry to Mexico. Other industries with export amounts over $100 million in 2006 were Agricultural Products ($173.6 million), Electrical Equipment, Appliances, and Components ($147.2 million), and Chemicals (127.7 million).

Businesses and Workforce

Number of businesses in Missouri owned by Mexican-Americans, totaling over $388.9 million in receipts and sales with 3,204 paid employees. This represents over half (53.3%) of the businesses owned by Hispanic or Latinos in the state.

Percent of Missouri's Mexican population 16 years and over in the civilian labor force, with 69.5 percent employed. The state percent is 66.6 percent and 62.1 percent, respectively.

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