First Quarter 2006 Employment Outlook: Stable

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, conducted globally each quarter to measure 45,000 public and private employers' hiring intentions for the next three months, shows more employment stability in the Midwest, including Missouri, than the U.S.

Sixty-six percent of Midwestern employers expect no staffing changes, 19 percent expected to increase employment and 11 percent to decrease it. Nationally, 61 percent expected no change, 23 percent to increase jobs and 10 percent to decrease them. Regionally, Southern and Western employers expected to do more hiring and Northeastern more firing. Employers in just three of 10 Northeastern industry sectors expect to keep current levels or hire.

In the Midwest, three sectors expect to increase hiring in the first quarter of 2006 compared to the fourth quarter of 2005: Mining; Wholesale and Retail Trade; and Public Administration.

Employers in Construction; Transportation and Public Utilities; Finance, Insurance and Real Estate; and Services say hiring will be about the same.

Employers in Durable and Non-durable Goods Manufacturing and Education expect to decrease staffing.

Globally, the employment outlook is rosier in the U.S., U.K., India, New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia; gloomier in Germany, Austria and Italy.

For more information, visit the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey online.


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