Fourth of July Facts and Stats

As the Fourth of July nears, MERIC gathered stats and facts about Missouri's contribution to the food Americans eat on this holiday. Where does the state rank in heads of cattle and calves for hamburgers? How many hogs and pigs does the state produce for hot dogs? How about bushels of corn for corn on the cob or apples for the most American of desserts-apple pie? Interesting facts to share with friends and family around the grill this holiday.

51 Million Pounds
Number of pounds of apples Missouri produced in 2006, ranking the state 13th in the country. The value of Missouri apples accounted for nearly $11 million of the over $2 billion apple industry in the U.S.

2.7 Million Heads
Total number of hogs and pigs Missouri farmers provided the country in 2006, ranking it 8th in production. Iowa led all states with over one-quarter (17.2 million) of the production of the 62 million heads of swine.

Missouri's national ranking of inventory of heads of cattle and calves in 2006. The state totaled 4.5 million heads of cattle and calves last year, accounting for 4.6 percent of the 97 million head in the nation. Texas led the country with 14 million heads. The county in Missouri with the highest cattle and calves inventory and value in the state was Polk County.

362 Million Bushels
Number of bushels or corn produced in the state in 2006. The highest production in Missouri took place in the northwest (96 million bushels) and northeast (62 million bushels) regions. Atchison County, the most northwestern county in Missouri, had the highest output at over 20 million bushels.

The population of one of the most patriotic named cities in the country-Independence, Mo. There are 11 cities in the country with the word "independence" in their name and Independence, Mo. is the most populous of those. The other city in the state with a most patriotic name is Liberty, Mo. Of the 30 places in the country with "liberty" in their name, Liberty, Mo. is the biggest, with a population of 29,042.

While the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place on July 4th, 1776, giving the United States its independence, Missouri did not officially join the nation until August 10, 1821, making it the 24th state in the union.

Sources: United States Department of Agriculture, Census Bureau

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