Fun Fourth of July Stats

How many Americans were living in Missouri in 1776, and how many are living here now? Which Missouri counties lead in production of the beef and corn on the cob sizzling on the grill? MERIC presents some fun stats to entertain and amaze your barbecue guests.

●   Zero
    Number of Americans living in Missouri in July 1776. Missouri didn’t become a state
    until 1821

●   5.8 million
    Estimated number of people living in Missouri in 2005

●   2.5 million
    Estimated number of people living in the 13 colonies in July 1776

●   299 million
    Estimated number of people living in the United States, late June 2006

●  150 million
    Number of hot dogs, all varieties, expected to be consumed by Americans on this

●   Most patriotic place name
    Tie: Liberty, Mo. and Independence, Mo.

●  Atchison: 20.5 million
    Bushels of corn, that is, produced in 2005, making it the state’s corn leader. The
    state’s leading corn-producing area is the Northwest, with 98.3 million bushels,
    accounting for 29.8 percent of all Missouri corn production.

Here are the top ten corn-producing counties in Missouri in 2005:

●   Polk: $90.3 million
    Total value of all cattle produced by the state’s leader in 2005. The state’s
    leading cattle producing area was the Central region with $824 million, accounting
    for 22.0 percent of all Missouri cattle sold.

Here are the top ten cattle counties for Missouri, 2005:


Sources: US Census Bureau, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service.

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