St. Louis Ranks High in Nation for Home Ownership

According to data released from the Census, St. Louis ranked second in home ownership among large metros in the US with over seven out of ten homes being owned by their occupants in 2013. Only Grand Rapids, Wyoming had a larger rate of with 73.7% owning their home. Kansas City ranked 33rd of larger metros with 65.6% home ownership.

Missouri ranked 14th in the nation out pacing the national average and all of the border states for home ownership.

Among its border states, Missouri ranked 1st with a 71.3% home ownership rate in 2013. Oklahoma trailed with 69.9% ownership followed closely by Iowa (68.8%), Nebraska (68.2%) and Kentucky (67.5%).

Home Ownership Missouri Border States 2011

Missouri home ownership has remained well above the national average except for 1989 to 1991 when the National and Missouri home ownership rates were similar.

howmeownership Rates for the US and Missouri from 1984 to 2011

Source: Us Census Bureau



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