Health Care Occupational Clusters

The Health Care and Social Assistance industry is a growing part of Missouri's economy. From 1990 to 2004, Health Care and Social Assistance grew from 10 percent of the state's employment to 12 percent, adding over 84,000 new jobs.

Health care occupations can be broken into five clusters: Physician-Related, Pharmacy-Related, Nursing, Allied Health, and Miscellaneous health care occupations. Nursing makes up the largest portion of health care jobs in Missouri, making up 52 percent, while Pharmacy-Related occupations make up the smallest portion at 5.8 percent.

Employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry is projected to continue growing. For example, by 2012, the number of Pharmacy-Related careers is projected to increase by 26%. Information on wages, training needs and projected employment in each of the occupational clusters can be found on the MERIC website

MERIC's health care occupation cluster briefs were based on prior products and research conducted and released by the Council for Allied Health in North Carolina analyzing Allied Health careers in that state.


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