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Halloween Fun Facts from MERIC

SPOOKY Halloween Sales Predicted

Consumers in the Midwest plan to spend an average of $65.29 this year on Halloween costumes, decorations, candy, and greeting cards, according to the National Retail Federation. Total nationwide Halloween spending for 2015 is estimated to reach $6.9 billion. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday, most people are planning to spend the weekend celebrating the holiday.

Estimated number of potential households in Missouri for trick or treaters.

Estimated number of all potential trick or treaters in Missouri (children under the age of 14).


Estimated number of potential 15-19 year olds in Missouri getting too old to trick or treat.

9 billion
Pieces of candy corn that will be produced this year. That equates to nearly enough to circle the moon 21 times if laid end-to-end. Candy Corn was first made in the 1880's.

Top Costumes

Minions and Star War Costumes were reported to be the top sought after costumes for 2015.

Over one in ten plan in the Midwest plan to dress their pet in a costume on Halloween.

Northwest Missouri: Show-Me Scary
From insane asylums to wineries, there is an array of frightful features in Northwest Missouri.

Amount Midwest consumer plans to spend on candy for Halloween.

2011 Halloeen Midwest Spending Pie Chart

Handout Candy

Number one way Midwest consumers, including Missourians, plan to celebrate Halloween. Other popular ways to celebrate include decorating the home or yard, carving a pumpkin, and dressing in costumes.

Number one thing children do to their candy after trick-or-treating, according to a survey by

Number one treat children prefer

The number of seeds that are found in some giant pumpkins. Large award winning pumpkins can weigh over 1,500 pounds and consume 3,000 to 4,000 gallons of water over a four-and-a-half month growing season, growing up to 10 pounds a day.

2,145 lbs
The weight of the Guiness World Record holding pumpkin from the US, 2015 Cedarburg Wine & Harvest Festival in Wisconsin. The heaviest pumpkin in the World was raised in Beni Meier, Switzerland and weighed in at 2,323 lbs.

2011 Halloween How Midwest Consumers Plan to Spend Halloween Bar Chart

Warren County, Missouri
Top County in Missouri for Acres Harvested (125 acres)

Average price of one large carving pumpkin at the Barton County, Mo Produce Auction on October 2, 2015.

1,043 Acres
Total acres of pumpkins planted and harvested in Missouri in 2012. Top pumpkin production states are Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan and Ohio. Acres in the US pumpkin production totaled 90,165 acres.

Top Pumpkin Producing States in the  Nation
Rank State Acres In Pumpkin Production
1 ILLINOIS 16,426
2 NEW YORK 6,273
5 MICHIGAN 5,997
6 OHIO 4,452
7 INDIANA 3,518
8 TEXAS 2,860
22 MISSOURI 1,043


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National Retail Federation

2012 Agriculture Census
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center's Association


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