GHOULISH Halloween Facts

What is Missouri’s number one rated haunted house? How many potential trick or treaters visit how many households? How many square acres of pumpkins does Missouri produce? Caution before reading, some facts may be dreadfully frightening!

Estimated number of potential households in Missouri for trick or treaters


Estimated number of all potential trick or treaters in Missouri in 2006, under the age of 14


Estimated number of all potential 15-19 year olds getting too old to trick or treat

Missouri’s #1 Rated Haunt
Necropolis Haunted House, Columbia, MO (according to Haunted 

35 million
Pounds of candy corn will be produced this year. That equates to nearly 9 billion pieces—enough to circle the moon nearly 4 times if laid end-to-end.


Percent of pet owners that dress their pets in Halloween costumes 

$5 billion
Estimated amount consumers will spend this year on Halloween costumes, decoration, candy and greeting cards. Wow, that’s a lot of treats!

Handout Candy
Number one way consumers plan to celebrate Halloween. Other popular ways to celebrate include decorating the home or yard, carving a pumpkin, and dressing in costumes.

Total acres of pumpkins harvested for sale in Missouri, 2002

Scott County
Missouri's pumpkin king, 224 acres. Boone County was next, with 188 acres, then St. Louis at 70 acres. Here are the top 13 (not 10!) pumpkin-producing counties in Missouri in 2002:

Acreage, Missouri Pumpkins, 2002
County Acres
Scott 224
Boone 188
St Louis  70
Chariton  64
Warren  54
Jasper 52
Jackson  48
Pulaski 44
Franklin  39
Jefferson  38
Webster 32
Gasconade  31
Pike 30


Value of one pumpkin at the North Missouri Produce Auction, Fortuna, Mo., late September 2006

1 billion pounds
Total U.S. pumpkin production in 2006.  Top pumpkin production states are Illinois, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

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