Need a Federal Grant?

Need a federal grant for your group, town or county? is a new website featuring 26 federal agencies, over 1,000 grant programs and over $400 billion awarded annually. It’s part of the president’s e-Grants Initiative to improve government services.

MERIC presents some helpful hints to navigate the site and maximize your grant-seeking potential:

--Start early! Deadlines vary according to agency and grant, but gathering essential data well before the deadline will prevent last-minute scrambling and omissions which may see your grant request denied.

--Designate a grant rep. Sure, it takes a village to gather the data, but picking one special person to manage it all will prevent headaches down the road.

--Get a DUNS number. Before you can apply -- much less receive! -- a grant from the federal government, you’ll need a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number. Visit to register, or call (866) 705-5711 to get your DUNs number.

--Get the PureEdge Viewer. This is a free software application without which you can’t fully navigate all functions or complete your application. On the home page, go to Resources, then Download Software.

--Be flexible. Be prepared for changes in grant requirements, deadlines or requests for more data by checking the site regularly for updates or modifications.

--Sign up for the free newsletter and e-mail alerts. Things change, even in the federal government – why not keep abreast of them?

--Print out and proofread your grant application. You’ll be surprised by how much you catch by reading it on paper vs. on-screen. Click the “Check for Errors” button before you submit, too.

--If you get stuck, call at (800) 518-4726 or e-mail at is on the MERIC website under Quick Links, to the right. Click on "Find a Grant."

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