MERIC Honors Grandparents and Older Missourians

Grandparent's Day is designated each year for a national tribute to honor the contributions grandparents have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our families. This year Grandparent's Day will be celebrated on Sunday, September 11, 2016.
Older Couple
Grandparents play an important role in Missouri households. According to the 2014 American Community Survey, 115,647 are Grandparents in Missouri living with their grandchildren and almost half (44.8 percent) are responsible for their grandchildren.

Of the 6,028,076 people in Missouri in 2014, 20.6 percent were aged 60 or older according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2014 American Community Survey, slightly higher than the national rate of 19.5 percent. Missouri ranked 21st among the states in percentage of the population aged 60 and older. The states with the largest percentage of older adults were Florida and Maine each with 24.3 percent. In Utah, only 13.7 percent of the population is aged 60 or older.

Hickory County leads the counties in Missouri with 40.2 percent of its population aged 60 and over, followed by Benton (36.6 percent), Stone (35.7 percent), Ozark (32.8 percent) and Camden (32.5 percent).

Map of Missouri Counties with Population 60 and over - Percentage of
The share of Missouri's population age 85 and older is slightly higher than the U.S. average at 2.0 percent compared to 1.9 percent for the nation. Scotland County had the highest percentage of people over 85 with 4.3 percent followed by Chariton (4.2 percent), Holt (4.0 percent), St. Clair (3.9 percent) and Putnam (3.9 percent).

Top Missouri Counties with Population over 85
Area Total Population 85 years and over Percent of population 85 years and over Median age (years)
Scotland County  208 4.3% 39.1
Chariton County  321 4.2% 45.6
Holt County  189 4.0% 47.0
Putnam County  191 3.9% 45.8
Missouri 119,502 2.0% 38.1
United States 5,819,164 1.9% 37.4

Sources: 2014 -5 year American Community Survey


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