Missouri Exports Set New Record in 2005

Missouri's exports for 2005 were up by sixteen (16.28) percent compared to 2004 according to the World Institute for Strategic Economic Research (WISER).

Exports by Missouri companies set a new record in 2005 of $10.5 billion, beating the old mark from 2004 of $9 billion in total global sales. Of particularly good news for the state's competitive position in the global economy is the continued trend of strong export sales by Missouri businesses. Export totals have increased sharply over the past five years.

Nine of Missouri's top ten export product categories increased global sales in 2005, including Agricultural Products (+48.8 percent), Food Products (+37.2 percent), Fabricated Metal Products (+28.2 percent), Transportation Equipment (+20.6 percent), Machinery (+20.6 percent), Electrical Equipment (+20.5 percent), Primary Metal Manufacturing (+20.4 percent), and Chemicals (+0.8 percent).

The Minerals and Ores product category (+309.2 percent) was the state's fastest growing export. The only top product area with a decrease was Computers and Electronics (-4.4 percent).


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