2005 Exports Data Available on MERIC Website

MERIC has updated its exports web application with 2005 data. This feature provides a summary of total export activity in the state in 2005 and detailed data on Missouri exports to countries around the world.

A profile from the CIA World Book is available for each country detailing information such as population, labor force and the country's resources.

For Missouri's top ten export countries, there is additional industry-specific information about the country's trade with the state. For example, Canada, which was Missouri's top export recipient in 2005, imported $2.4 billion worth of Transportation Equipment from the state. This industry made up more than half of the state's total exports to Canada during the year.

Missouri's remaining top ten export recipients in 2005 were Mexico, South Korea, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Australia, which together with Canada accounted for 80 percent of the state's export revenues.

This updated web feature is a valuable tool as international trade is an important and growing part of Missouri's economy. Visit the MERIC website to see the 2005 Missouri Exports data.


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