Canada Accounts for 41 Percent of Missouri's Record Exports in 2005

In 2005, Missouri businesses exported nearly $10.5 billion in products and services to 232 countries.

Missouri's top ten export recipients during the year were Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Australia accounting for 80 percent of the state's export revenues. Korea is new to Missouri's top ten in 2005, replacing Hong Kong from last year's list.

Canada imported $4.2 billion worth of Missouri goods in 2005, an increase of seven percent from 2004, while Mexico's $1.15 billion is a 22 percent gain. Imports by South Korea increased more than 400 percent from 2004, the largest increase in the top ten.

Of the top ten countries receiving Missouri exports, only Italy had a decline in 2005, decreasing four percent to $231 million.

Source: Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) from information supplied by the World Institute for Strategic Economic Research.


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