Central Region Employment Growth 
by Industry

Missouri's Central Region is made up of 10 counties and includes the cities of Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton, Moberly and Mexico.

Employment growth in the Central Region has been spread across several industry sectors. From 2001 to 2006, the Central Region's private sector employment increased by around 16,000 jobs. Approximately 70% of the region's employment growth during that time occurred in industries that on average pay above the region's private sector average annual wage.

Health Care and Social Assistance gained the most employment in the region from 2001 to 2006, while Manufacturing has had the largest decline. Both industries pay an above average annual wage.

Government employment in the region, which includes local, state and federal government, totaled 59,395 in 2006, nearly unchanged compared to 2001. The government sector paid an average annual wage in 2005 of $33,702, higher than the private sector average.

The businesses that create these jobs in the Central Region are concentrated around the metropolitan areas, namely Columbia and Jefferson City, and also along the major highways and interstates that run through the region.

Central Region Business Density



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