MERIC and DWD Launch Missouri 
Career Guide

The 2006-07 Missouri Career Guide is a concise (56 pages) resource for high school students, college-age adults and adults re-entering the workforce. The guide allows users to assess their personality traits then match those traits to an appropriate, rewarding career; get the right training and education; then attain the best possible job.

The Career Guide was a collaboration of staff from MERIC, Business and Community Services and the Workforce Development (DWD) divisions of the Department of Economic Development; and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The guide is now being distributed to all career centers in Missouri by MERIC and DWD staff.

In addition, MERIC and DWD will distribute statewide and regional occupational brochures along with the guide describing occupations with the best 10-year outlooks, in both number of job openings and salary.

The Missouri Career Guide is divided into three major sections:

Career and self-assessment. Includes psychological self-assessment and career path tools matching occupation to personality type.

Training and education. Includes all Missouri's secondary education institutions, from theological and technical to four-year degree-granting programs; apprenticeship resources; GED information; financing and loan information; and educational options offered by the US military.

Getting the job. Includes tested job-hunting tips on composing a resume, writing a cover letter, filling out an application, effective networking and successful interviewing techniques; and full lists of Missouri Workforce Development Career Centers and Vocational Rehabilitation Centers.

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