Missouri Business Increase
Beats U.S. Average

The number of businesses in Missouri increased by 3,570, or 2.4 percent, from 2003-2004, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This increase was higher than the national average and exceeded the percentage change of all of Missouri’s bordering states, including Illinois.

St. Clair and Butler counties experienced the largest percentage increase of any Missouri counties with a 16.7 and 12.1 percent increase, respectively.

The largest numerical increase in business establishments occurred in metropolitan areas, with St. Charles County adding 382 businesses, Jackson County 341 and St. Louis County 318 business establishments.

Washington and Reynolds counties had the largest decrease in business establishments from 2003-04. Washington County had a decrease of 108 businesses, Reynolds County 62.

Among bordering states, Missouri trailed only Illinois in the numerical increase of business establishments from 2003-04. Illinois had an increase of 4,140 business establishments. Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa all had increases of under 1,000 businesses -- Iowa experienced an increase of only 487 businesses, or 0.6 percent.



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