MERIC Receives National Research Award

MERIC was recently honored with an award for outstanding achievement in project impact assessment for its study of Farming Fuel: Ethanol and Biodiesel Impacts in Missouri. The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) presented MERIC with this prestigious award at a lunch banquet held in Denver, Colorado.

The study received the award for its unique analysis of the economic impacts of the biofuels industry in Missouri, highlighting the total costs and benefits of both ethanol and biodiesel in the state. The analysis of this evolving industry is particularly relevant to the current energy debate, both in Missouri and around the world.

Special recognition for their work on this project goes to: Tony Brite, MERIC Planner; Dr. Marty Romitti, MERIC Director; Alan Spell, MERIC Economic and Workforce Research Manager; and Becky Verslues, Business & Community Services Marketing Specialist.

The Council for Community and Economic Research recognizes excellence in economic research at its national conference each year. The C2ER awards program recognizes the contribution of research activities to the success of local, regional, or state/provincial economic development initiatives. The purpose of the award is to increase the quality of economic development research by identifying meritorious projects and promoting the diffusion of creative ideas for research activities.

Read Farming Fuel: Ethanol and Biodiesel Impacts in Missouri (PDF 9.4MB)

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