The Price of Beauty

Beauty salons raked in $65 million in taxable sales in Missouri in 2005, according to the Missouri Department of Revenue, and 2006 looks even more profitable.

Barber shops? Just over $1 million in ’05.

True, there are more females than males in Missouri -- about 51 to 49 percent -- still, beauty salons have witnessed a significant rise in revenue since 2000, even during the recession.

Detailed analysis reveals a marked rise in beauty salon revenue in the fourth quarter -- the holidays. 

Barber Shops
Statistics for barber shops reveal a similar rise in fourth quarter revenue. They also offer proof that the traditional barber shop is alive and well in Missouri -- even if total taxable revenues amount to less than two percent that of beauty salons.

Sources: Missouri Department of Revenue
Public Taxable Sales Reports 2000-2006, US Census


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