Business Climate Comparison Tool Online

In response to customer demand, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC) is pleased to announce the launch of the Business Climate Comparison (BCC) of U.S. States.

This unique online tool allows users to compare any number of states and the District of Columbia across 72 indicators that are sub-divided into 8 easy-reference categories, including Population, Income, Education, Taxes, Cost of Living, Business Climate, Labor and Infrastructure.

The BCC Online provides users the opportunity to create dynamic maps of indicators for a visual comparison across states, as well as to create custom downloads of state comparisons in both HTML and Microsoft Excel formats.

An example of the BCC's interactive mapping feature comparing Foreign Direct Investment in the United States.

To meet the needs of the broadest range of customers MERIC has created parallel versions of the BCC-one with mapping functionality and one without-to enable access by customers whose internet connection or computer configurations are not ideally suited for the dynamic mapping.

Explore the Business Climate Comparison on MERIC's website.


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