Can MERIC Help with Affirmative Action? Affirmative!

Labor market information can be invaluable to affirmative action planning. For example, you could compare the demographic characteristics of population and employment for select occupations by statewide, county or Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

With a new feature on MERIC's website, instant access to this information is similar to Labor Market Information for Affirmative Action Programs (AAP). Previously, these packages were only available in hard copy.

The data incorporates 2000 Census tallies, including 2000 Special Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Tabulations.

An example of the statewide table you can create with the new tool can be seen below. Click here to go to the new tool. 

From the MERIC homepage, you can access the AAP information by first clicking on the 'Community Issues' tab at the top, then clicking on 'Labor Market Information for Affirmative Action Programs.' Finally, scroll to and click 'Occupational employment data.'

Select Missouri for statewide data, any of the six MSA's or a county to access labor force data for a variety of ethnic groups by eight different occupational groupings and a column for total labor force and one for unemployed.

In the 2000 EEO file, these characteristics are only reported for larger occupational groups, such as EEO-1 categories, except for areas with population greater than 50,000. Detailed data for larger areas may be accessed from the Census Bureau's site at

Missouri Statewide 
Occupational Employment


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