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Target Missouri II

Target Missouri 2 (TM2) is a MERIC-inspired initiative to both revive and revamp the idea of targeting incentives. TM2 operates with an entirely different approach than the most targeted initiatives. In particular, it takes account of sub-economies within the state, testing the hypothesis that different industries affect different regions differently. MERIC plans to evaluate the current industry mix within a region; identify which industries generate the greatest economic impact; look at site selection criteria; gauge a region´s capacity to attract certain industries; and assist them in developing short-term and longer-term economic development strategies.

Ultimately, TM2 will provide assistance to both local, regional, and state economic developers. Local and regional officials will have a better idea of which industries are most practical to attempt to attract to their area, while state officials will not only know which industries to attract, but where to locate them to provide the most benefit to Missouri.

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