Industry Profiles
Top 50 Employers.  NOV 2000
Economic Diversification
Target Industries
Target Missouri II Studies. FALL 2000
Predicting IT Employment in Rural Missouri.  NOV 2000
Information Technology in Missouri.  OCT 2000
Information Technology Access
Households Wired for the Information Superhighway
Kansas City and St. Louis Among the Nation´s Most Wired Cities
Missouri´s Public Airports: An Illustrated Guide.  JUL 2000
Transportation and Economic Prosperity.  JAN 2000
Transportation Map
The Energy Crunch:  Nuclear Power Profile  MAY 2001
The Electric Environment of Missouri and California.  FEB 2001
Health Science Biotechnology in Missouri.  DEC 2000
Life Sciences in Missouri: Agri-Chemical Industry.  JUN 2001
Retail Trade in Missouri.  AUG 2000
The Potential Impact to Missouri of China´s Accession to the WTO.  APR 2000
Manufacturing in Missouri: Skills-Mismatch.  SEP 2000
Manufacturing in Missouri: Diversification and Specialization. SEP 2000
Advanced Manufacturing Industry Analysis.  JUL 2001
Manufacturing in Missouri: Diversification and Specialization. SEP 2000
The Economic Impacts of Tourism in Missouri.  MAR 2001
Film Industry Tax Incentives. OCT 2000

Looking To The Future:
Missouri Targeted Industry Clusters


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What are Industry Clusters?
An industry cluster is a group of businesses linked by core products or services. These businesses may have common supply chains, labor needs, technologies and markets. This creates a strong economic interdependence.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development identifies eight "Industry Clusters" for targeting. The clusters are based on research provided by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC), existing initiatives, industry strength, and future growth potential.

What is the Purpose of Identifying Targeted Industry Clusters?
By identifying targeted industries using a common definition, a framework is created allowing multiple agencies, organizations, and policy makers to work together using unified concepts. With a consistent cluster definition, information can be provided on regional employment concentrations, staffing patterns, employers, and leading firms. Issues can then be addressed in a coordinated fashion for strengthening target industries with regards to skills, education, recruitment, and incentives. 

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