Asian-Owned Businesses

In 2002, there were 6,380 Asian-owned businesses in Missouri, accounting for 1.45 percent of all firms statewide. (There were a total of 439,487 businesses in the Show-Me State in 2002.) Between 1997 and 2002, there was a 31.98 percent increase in Asian-owned firms and a 47.2 percent increase in gross sales and receipts by these firms.

Asian-owned businesses are concentrated in the St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield metropolitan areas: St. Louis County (34.1 percent), Jackson County (13.5 percent), St. Louis City (12.0 percent), St. Charles County (5.6 percent), Clay County (4.3 percent) and Greene County (4.2 percent). This finding is largely consistent with 2000 Census numbers on Asian populations in Missouri. The counties with the largest numbers of Asians in 2000 were St. Louis County (1,983), St. Louis City (1,050), Jackson County (3,334), Greene County (2,033) and Jasper County (1,420). See Table 1 and Maps 1 and 2. 

In terms of total sales and receipts, the largest grossing areas are St. Louis County, Jackson County, St. Louis City and Greene County, in that order.

Although Greene County has only one less Asian-owned business than Clay County, sales and receipts of Asian-owned businesses in Greene County are significantly above that of Clay. This indicates that the area's fewer firms have a larger economic impact in terms of sales and receipts.

    Table 1

Missouri Asian-Owned Business---
Percent of Firms by County, 2002

    Map 1

    Map 2

Springfield In general, most of the Asian-owned businesses in the state are located in metropolitan statistical areas, especially St. Louis and Kansas City and, to a lesser extent, Springfield and Joplin.

Although there are only 73 more Asian-owned firms in Springfield than in Joplin, Asian-owned businesses in Springfield have almost six times as much sales and receipts.

    Table 2

Asian-Owned Firms by MSA, 2002

Most Asian-owned businesses in Missouri are concentrated in two main industry groups - accommodation and food services (17.3 percent) and health care and social assistance (13.1 percent). Other significant sectors include retail trade (11.4 percent) and professional, scientific and technical services (9.8 percent). In terms of total sales and receipts, however, the largest grossing industries are wholesale trade, accommodation and food services, retail trade, healthcare and social assistance and professional, scientific and technical services, in that order. This indicates that although the trade sector has fewer firms, they have a larger impact on Missouri's economy in terms of sales and receipts. See Table 3.

    Table 3

Percent of Firms by Industry, 2002

Groups Census data further reveals that most owners of Asian businesses in Missouri describe themselves as of Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese descent*, in that order. Business owners who classified themselves as being of Japanese descent had higher than average sales and receipts. See Table 4.

    Table 4

Firms by Ethnic Group, 2002*

**Totals do not add up to totals in report because an Asian firm owner may be of any race. Each owner had the option of selecting more than one race and therefore may be included in more than one race.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Survey of Business Owners

Report by Neal Fandek, maps by Melissa Lancols, MERIC.

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