August 29, 2014

MERIC Wage Explorer Web Tool is Updated with 2013 Wages
The Wage Explorer tool provides students, job seekers, and educators with a better understanding of the connections between training choices and work outcomes. The tool displays the wages one can expect after recently completing a training program in Missouri and in what regions and industries the graduates work in. MERIC recently updated the Wage Explorer Tool with the most recent 2013 Wages.

St. Louis Occupation Technology Careers
Information Technology (IT) occupations are in high demand in the St. Louis area. Over 41,000 people are employed in IT occupations in the St. Louis area and jobs are growing. From 2012‐2022 IT jobs are projected to grow by 13.6%, compared to 9.4% for all occupations. Current demand is also high, with Real‐Time Labor Analysis showing 24,500 job postings for IT careers in St. Louis over the year ending July 2014.


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